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Sep 29, 2012 5:00am PDT
of the key issues in this campaign has been medicare which has really been brought to light since mitt romney brought on paul ryan as his running mate. do you think retrospectively that could actually cost him? >> i think this is more about mitt romney than it is about paul ryan. it's always more about the principal than it is about the vice presidential candidate. that being said, when you talk to trks over the last few years, ever since paul ryan unveiled his medicare plan several years ago, what they've said is we hope we can play even on medicare and this is in congressional races and senate races. the idea is they want to be able to play even on it. no one saying on the republican side we think we can win 70% or 75% based on this. that's usually where politicians want to be. they want to have issues that resonate with 75% of the people, not half the people. so if they're even at that 50% mark which i don't think they are right now, that would be considered a level of victory. it's hard to go into areas with lots of seniors and say i want to change the way medicare is structured. these pe
Sep 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
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Oct 4, 2012 7:00am PDT
people will be going after with mitt romney. also his claims about his health care plan and medicare. again, how exactly his plan would work out. but i think in particular, the question of the taxes and the budget and how that would affect people, when really put into pla place, that will be the main fact checking going forward. >> certainly both sides of this campaign, and there's certainly stuff in the papers today analyzing things that obama said that were untrue and what romney said were untrue. everybody has to take a fine tooth comb through the paper to go through that this morning. let's talk about romney's tax cut plan. he wants to cut everyone's rates by 20%. is it true that that would cost $5 trillion, yes or no? well, the question is, how do you shape it? the question for romney is not necessarily that he's telling an untruth but not giving us the details. he is saying he will reduce rates and it will not be a tax net decrease because he will get rid of loopholes. what loopholes will you get rid of? he talked about cutting funding for pbs. that's a teeny part of the budg b
Oct 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
will be going after mitt romney. also his claims about health care plan and medicare, how his plan would work out. i think in particular the question of the taxes and the budget and how that would affect people it will really put into place that will be the main fact checking question going forward. >> john, i feel facts has been one of the casualties in this campaign, certainly both sides. there's stuff in papers analyzing what obama said that was untrue and what mitt romney said that was untrue. let's talk about mitt romney's tax plan. he wants to cut everyone's rate by 21%. is it true that that would cost $5 trillion? yes or no? >> reporter: well the question is how do you shape it? the question for romney is not necessarily that he's telling an untruth it's that he's not giving us any of the details. he says he can reduce rates and not a net tax decrease because he'll get rid of loopholes? which hoop holes will you get rid of? he named cutting funding for pbs. that's a small part of the budget. it's not necessarily that he's saying an untruth it's just that he's not filling in this very b
Oct 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
, including medicare. find your co-pay at try our new lunch-size grilled chicken fajitas, with sauteed onions and peppers, served with soup or salad. lunch break combos, starting at 6 bucks. enjoy them with friends, because a lunch together feeds the friendship. >>> this is a cbs 5 eyewitness news morning update. >> good morning, everyone. it is 7:56. get you caught up with some of the headlines now on monday. san francisco's grocery bag law got tougher today. the ban on plastic bags and free paper bags has expanded to include retailers like book and clothing stores. restaurants will join the list next year. if you get a plastic bag, cost you $10 or 10 cents rather. >>> searching two people thrown into the water when a rogue wave hit their fishing boat. the two were not wearing life jackets. two others who were wearing life jackets did make it safely to shore. traffic and weather coming up right after the break. [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the f
Oct 2, 2012 7:00am PDT
% of insurance plans, including medicare. find your co-pay at >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> good morning. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. one firefighter is being treated for exhaustion this morning at the scene of a house fire in vallejo. two people in the home got out safely. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>> tonight, the richmond city council is expected to approve a resolution that calls for chevron to use the highest standards and best technology when it repairs its local oil refineries. the facility was the scene of a large fire two months ago. >>> the amazing as are heading for major league baseball's play-offs for the first time in six years. oakland clinched at least a wild card spot as it beat texas at the coliseum. >>> stay with us. traffic and weather right after this. ,, ,,,,,, >>> good morning. word of a problem in the south bay on southbound 280 past 85 exit jamming up. there's a car that overturned. and it ended in the opposite lanes so it's really back up actually northbound and southbound 280 through downtown san j
Oct 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
medicare. find your co-pay at >>> it's 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this morning." when the presidential candidates debate tomorrow, how much could that one night change the entire race? >>> and caroline kennedy tells us what she's learned from her father's secret tapes and how she feels when her family is in the news. but first, here's a look at what's happening in the world and what we've been covering on "cbs this morning." >> people want to know who's going to win? who's going to score the punches? >> the two candidates will spend the day preparing for tomorrow night's first debate. >> this is romney's moment. it is his chance to make his case to the american people and the campaign knows the stakes. >> the reason the obama campaign is working so hard to tamp down expectations is they like the trajectory of the race right now. they don't want to do anything to change it. >> american airlines is facing new trouble this morning. the faa is investigating at least two incidents where a row of passenger seats came loose in mid flight. >> american airlines has grounded eig
Oct 5, 2012 7:00am EDT
his tax plan and about his medicare plan. it's not the argument you want to be taking out on the road after the first debate but it's the best they've got right now and of course i think you're going see a little bit of retooling of the debate strategy for the next debate which is just 11 days away. >> hat about that next debate, nancy between vice president joe biden and paul ryan. is the campaign concerned at all about that debate? >> reporter: i think they are a little concerned, norah, because they know that paul ryan is an aggressive debater. however, biden has been on the debate stage before. the problem with biden, as you know, he has a tendency to go off message from time to time so that's something they are a little bit worried about, especially because they can't afford another bad night. >> nancy, i'm struck by your comment that they say he didn't bring his a-game. any explanation why the president would have the first debate and not bring his a-game? >> reporter: this is something, gayle that afflicts a lot of sitting presidents. they have bad first debates. you saw this w
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8